The latest series of decks to the card game, Keyforge, is set to release this Thursday, May 30th. Age of Ascension introduces a card pool of 204 cards, added to the pool of 166 from Call of the Archons. With a new total of 370 cars to construct decks from, there are now 100 septillian permutations for uniquely constructed decks. Each Age of Ascension deck may pull cards from both new and old pool.

If you are not familiar with Keyforge, you should know that it is a combative card game in which each player wields a unique deck as they battle to forge their three keys first. Decks are preassembled from an algorithm that randomly selects cards from the pool, while ensuring that each deck is very nearly balanced.

The Perfect Companion

Decks from Age of Ascension are designed to be equally matched to those from Call of the Archons. This means you can continue playing your old decks against your friend’s new decks, and vice versa. The general game play and rules do not change. So, you can grab any of your favorite decks and dive into the fun without being overly concerned about who is wielding what.

While the rules of the game don’t change, the new Age of Ascensions decks do, however, introduce a slew of new keywords.

New Keywords

In Keyforge, cards often have keywords that identify passive abilities or behaviors outside of the play actions. Below are some new keywords introduced in the Age of Ascensions decks.


You can only play this card before doing anything else this step.

If playing a card with the Alpha keyword, it must be played first after you’ve declared your house. Typically, this keyword is applied to cards that have an extraordinarily advantageous play action that may benefit from stacking the field in a particular way. By forcing the card to be played first, your opponents are given a heads-up and an opportunity to react or prepare. As a result, the card becomes more balanced.


After you play this card, end this step.

As an inverse to the Alpha keyword above, Omega cards are typically intended to be played at the end of your turn, vs the beginning. For this reason, their benefits are more likely to be reaped in future turns. You may wish to prepare prior to playing these cards. Your opponent till get a full turn, and any reactionary opportunity prior to you being able to utilize an Omega keyworded card.


This creature can enter play anywhere on your battleline.

If you’re already a Keyforge player, then you know that cards entering play must be introduced to either the left or right flank of your battleline. Cards with the Deploy keyword deviate from this, allowing them to be played anywhere in your battleline.

This can be advantageous as there are many allied cards that affect their neighbors; or enemy cards that affect your flanks. Strategically placing a deploy card can give you an opportunity to protect a valuable asset on the field.


Due to their ever-growing popularity, Keyforge decks are known to be scarce during release. Winning Strategy Games will carry both Age of Ascension and Call of the Archons at launch. They may sell out fast and we aren’t prepared to accept back-orders, but will restock as quickly as possible.