Game of Thrones fans of the HBO hit show and the books by George R. R. Martin have satiated their cravings between seasons with the Game of Thrones living card game (LCG for us nerds). With the core set first released in 2015 by Fantasy Flight Games, each year brings new expansions and chapter packs as this colorful world’s story is told.

In May 2019, Fantasy Flight is releasing their latest and seventh deluxe expansion, Fury of the Storm. While the second edition of the core set is required for game play, you may add or exclude any other set to maximize your fun.

Game of Thrones Card Game – Fury of the Storm Box

Game Play

If you are unfamiliar with living card games, they generally play similarly. Each turn, players draw cars into their hands, and then play them into the field as they either combat each other or work cooperatively against a common foe. In the case of Game of Thrones LCG, it’s you against other players to collect 15 power and claim the throne.

This expansion does not change general gameplay of GoT LCG, but it does add intrigue to the world of Westeros while focusing on House Baratheon and their struggle between duty and faith. As you build your deck, you chose your hero, their path, and subsequently your winning strategy.

This expansion includes the three Baratheon brothers as heros, including Stannis, Selyse, and additions to Robert from the core set.

Game of Thrones Card Game – Fury of the Storm game cards

In the Box

Fury of the Storm adds three copies each of 52 new cards for 156 total, including both character and plot cards to enhance gameplay.

Release Date

The Fury of the Storm Deluxe Expansion for Game of Thrones the Living Card Game releases in May of 2019. It’ll be available on Winning Strategy Games within 24 hours of release and ships same-day for free 2-day delivery.