Being a god is not easy. Youve already discovered that as you honed your skills, mastered your manifestations, and formed a pantheon to watch over your territory. What no one mentioned was that youre not the only divine beings walking the Earth. Are you ready to confront an angels wrath, a dragons fury, a giants rampage... even the Source itself? Mythic Echoes: Volume One presents the first expansion for Part-Time Gods Second Edition, featuring revised and original material that will bring giants, nephilim, dragons, and other manifestations of the Source to your campaign. Create your own giant or nephilim character and walk beside the gods. Discover the histories between giants, angels, dragons, and the gods. Explore interesting new and familiar angelic houses, giant types, glyphs and grafts from Heaven, and a dragon theology. Unleash options for creating your own version of the Source. Includes 4 one-shot adventures, each one showcasing the wonders these new options will bring your own next session of Part-Time Gods Second Edition!

Role Playing Games
3EG 2002