You pierced the faade and uncovered the truth. Can you expose the puppet masters for what they are before they find you? Terror is never far behind. Welcome to a world of secret societies, psychic phenomena, aliens, conspiracies, and supernatural horror. Players take the roles of characters who are trying to uncover the truth, foil horrific plots, or simply get away with their lives. They may even be recruited to help one of the secret societies fighting to save mankind. Can you trust them? Can you trust anyone? Can you even trust each other? FEATURES: Richly detailed game world full of government cover-ups, conspiracies, and secret societies; 5 minute (or less) flexible character creation; Easy to learn game mechanics; Example creatures covering ghosts, demons, brain-sucking aliens and lactose-intolerant flesh-eating amoebas just to name a few; 2 complete adventures and 4 example characters. Dont Look Back is a pen and paper tabletop role-playing game for two or more players. It is set in a world of supernatural and paranormal horror riddled with conspiracies and secret organizations. This edition of the game is powered by Lester Smiths D6xD6 game mechanics and is fully compatible with other D6xD6 settings and adventures.

Role Playing Games
CMG DLB33001