In a war torn land of heroic feats and epic quests, there`s a place that`s never felt the wrath of the ongoing and everlasting war between the five realms. Hidden deep in the shadows of a cavern in the hills of Strongcliff, lies the best kept secret - Cavern Tavern! Your mission in Cavern Tavern is to be the best employee Nasty the Dwarf has ever had. Why? Because Cavern Tavern is the best place to meet heroes of the Northlands, hear stories of epic adventures, and, when the time is right, go on quests that can shape the world. But before you go adventuring, you need to keep your job at all costs! And your job is to serve the most drinks, spend time in the kitchen, maintain the Tavern in tip-top shape, and try not to step on Nasty`s toes. You think that`s simple? Well, your opponents have the same ambitions and they`ll backstab you, rat on you to Nasty, steal from you, and pretty much make your shift at the tavern miserable.

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FFN 1001