A Derelict City on a Colony Ship Hurtling Through Space! On a spaceship 50-miles long with more than a million colonists, Epsilon City was the single largest habitation. The city was designed to be maintained by its own artificial intelligence (A.I.) and a special series of robots that could repair areas of the city when breakdowns happened. Now, three-hundred-years later, things are vastly different in the city. The A.I. is insane and has an aggressive personality. The special robots maintaining the city have had to change or be destroyed, and have mutated much like the rest of the life on the ship. Wolfoid packs now inhabit many sections of the city and consider this metropolis their lair. And many more dangers lurk, hidden and waiting to be explored. In honor of Metamorphosis Alpha`s 40th Anniversary, creator James M. Ward has authorized Goodman Games to publish Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City.

Role Playing Games
GMG 4393