They call it the Anvil. The place where metal is forged into weapons of destruction. When you see it in anastrogation virtuality, the name seems out of place. But come with me! Let me show you the null fire of pirate fleets burning the hulls of Venu warhawks in the shadow of the Warstar! Welcome to the turbulent worlds of the Outremer subsector, out on the Commonality frontier. It`s the heart of the Rim Sector, a spectacular, violent place of feuding polities in the no-man`s land between the Commonality and the VenuEmpire. The Mindjammer Companion features history and background of the Outremer Subsector, including subsector octant maps, as well as essays on the conflicting economic systems which vie for supremacy out beyond the Frontier, five generations of Commonality starship design, new cultures and genotypes, an octant map of the Heritage Contestation, and planetary maps and writeups for 30 adventure-packed worlds!

Role Playing Games
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