Emperor Prosek is ready to launch a surprise military campaign of conquest and genocide! Rumors of the coalition states` plans to invade Tolkeen and other plots to strengthen and expand the CS holdings have existed for years. But even the best spies have not known that the CS has been quietly upgrading and building its army to epic proportions. Even free Quebec is stunned when Prosek unleashes his new army and declares a state of war! Highlights include: CS troops and equipment including new and improved: Samas, The Super Samas, scout spider walker, the new Spider Walker, the UAR-3, new skelebots, new dead boy armor, power armor, vehicles, missiles, weapons and equipment. CS Military O.C.C.S, Special Forces, cyborgs, mutants and more. CS military activity, troop movement, build-ups and invasion plans (who will be the first to fall?). The coalition`s military outposts, bases, structure, ranks, key leaders, etc. CS enemies: D-Bee strongholds, independent kingdoms, and other forces, mapped, outlined and briefly described providing ideas and suggestions for countless adventures. The increasing tension between free Quebec (kept in the dark) and the mid-western coalition states. The reactions of Tolkeen, Lazlo and the Federation of Magic. World information and maps about the coalition states and North America. Surprising alliances. Written by Kevin Siembieda. Art by Vince Martin, Wayne Breaux and R.K. Post.

Role Playing Games
PAL 0821