Where there were once six realms, now only a single remains: New Vigil. In Ascension: Dawn of Champions, you take on the role of your faction's Champion to guide them to victory in this world of new alliances and ancient foes.

New Champion cards let you play as a faction leader, building your reputation to unlock powerful cards and effects. This set also includes new multi-faction cards to acquire and defeat, including Constructs and Monsters!

As with all other Ascension sets, Ascension: Dawn of Champions can be played as a standalone game or combined with other Ascension games.

Ascension Story and Lore

Enter the World of Virgil and recruit heroes and constructs from four divine factions: The Enlightened, The Mechana, The Void, and the Lifebound. Read More

How To Play

Each player starts with a 10-card deck and continually builds their deck as they defeat monsters. The game is over when there are no more honor tokens on the table. Player with the most wins. Read More

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