Ever confident of victory, Daimy Osugawa charges recklessly into battle, leading his fearsome, masked retinue to spill the blood of his foes.Osugawa`s mounted retinue brings extra skills to the game via new cards especially for cavalry.Mounted Retainers introduce a cheap mounted melee unit, while the Mounted Sergeant can give another mounted commoner an extra move, meaning 12` and shoot, 15` charge range or 18` total move!There are new metal demon-masked helmets and 18 new cards in the set.The `Terrifying Visage` card means that enemies must pass a Test of Honour or lose 1 dice from their Avoid roll, while `Momentum` allows you to draw the next token if you cut down an enemy.Osugawa himself is arrogant and out for blood and glory - he charges 7` until he`s managed to cut down an enemy samurai. And look out for the `Self Confidence` Quest card - field 2 points less than allowed and still win the battle!

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WLG 762610008